[FANART] Mr. Taeng – Photorealistic Digital Drawing + WIP

Taeng oppa can be my Mr. Mr. any day. Happy birthday Kim Taeyeon. Thank you for bringing so much light to my life <3 Drawn in CS6, with a mouse. - @KiwiHiwi

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[FANART] Yoona Rockclimbing (Eider CF) – Pencil Drawing

 Requested by @SeekO_o~ (around 1.5 hr pencil sketch) (Reuploaded to a better version) - @KiwiHiwi

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[FANART] Dating w/ 2GGs (Taengstagram) – Digital Drawing

 "Picture again...?" I dont know who is cuter <3 (wanna diversify my style so this is my first non hyperrealistic digital drawing. still sticking with a mouse though)

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[FANART] DerpYul – Speed Sketch

Coffee shop speed sketch#2. Derpyul because I can lol. (~1.5hrs)

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[FANART] Taeyeon – Speed Sketch

Since I'm getting really busy now, I'm gonna try and start doing this thing where I sit in a coffee shop after work and try drawing as much as I can in a hour before I go home. (Though this one took 1.5 hrs actually) So hopefully I can still juggle in art between things :) Its been a LONG time ...

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[FANART] Yoona – Photorealistic Digital Drawing + WIP + BTS Video

Medium: CS4, mouse. Original photo taken by @Soyuri. My first soshi digital drawing done back in Dec 2011 ^^ Work in Progress  BTS Time-lapsed Video

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[FANART] Taeyeon (ElleGirl) – Photorealistic Digital Drawing + WIP + BTS Video

Medium: mouse and CS4. Original photo from ElleGirl magazine. My 3rd SNSD photorealistic drawing :) Work in Progress BTS Time-lapsed Video

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[FANART] KiwiHiwi: Jessica (Coming Step, Star1) – Photorealistic Digital Drawing + WIP + BTS Video

Medium: CS4, regular mouse This is a painting I did on CS4 of Girls' Generation's Jessica from her Coming Step magazine photoshoot for Star1. The hair was brutal. like.. brutalll to draw. Work in Progress   BTS Time-lapsed Video

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