[COVER] VIXX (빅스) – 대.다.나.다.너 (G.R.8.U)

I didn’t listen to VIXX until Hyde and now, G.R.8.U is my favourite song. I feel so good to have a cute song after a very fierce song like B1A4 (tried to walk and then what’s going on) and now it’s VIXX (hyde and then G.R.8.U) .

For VIXX I’m soooo surprised with Hongbin’s transformation o_o At first I was like OMG WTH with his hair and then when he cut it I was like OMG but he’s so handsome XDDD
I hope that you can enjoy this cover, I think that my next cover won’t be a boy group song cuz this cover is the fourth boy group song XD